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Boots Raber is presenting Clara Dubbs a copy of the recent 40-Year History of Kansas-Paraguay Partners.  Boots along with Merrill Raber complied the history.  Clara is a long time member and supporter of KPP.  She was a very generous contributor to the history project.

Clara was also a leader in the International 4-H Youth (IFYE) and Professional Rural Youth Leader Exchange (PRYLE) from 1978 through 1992. Along with our southern partners exchanges occurred each year between youth of Kansas and Paraguay. Some of the Paraguayan youth went on to study at Fort Hays State University and Kansas State University.  In 2005 KPP and CPK sponsored a tour of Paraguay and Clara was sought out by many people who fondly remembered their time in Kansas.

Clara will turn 90 years old next month.

Partners new Youth Program in Paraguay

The US Department of State has chosen Partners of the Americans to implement an exchange between the United States and Paraguay.

  • The central theme to the Paraguay program is Environment and Climate Change complemented with the sub-themes of Dialogue and Debate, Community Service and Leadership Development
  • The program will include 21 U.S. participants (18 youth and 3 adult mentors) traveling to Paraguay during July of 2013
  • The delegation will first spend 5 days in Washington DC for the Leadership Program component
  • The entire delegation of 21 participants will travel to three communities in Paraguay: Asuncion, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este for approximately 3 weeks.
  • Partners will select youth from all states.

Tentative timeline:

November – February: Recruitment

March – April: Selection

May – June: Orientation and Logistics

July: Travel

August – September: Follow-on

If you have any questions regarding the American Youth Leadership Program, please contact Melissa Golladay at or Abraham Cisne at



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