Partners new Youth Program in Paraguay

The US Department of State has chosen Partners of the Americans to implement an exchange between the United States and Paraguay.

  • The central theme to the Paraguay program is Environment and Climate Change complemented with the sub-themes of Dialogue and Debate, Community Service and Leadership Development
  • The program will include 21 U.S. participants (18 youth and 3 adult mentors) traveling to Paraguay during July of 2013
  • The delegation will first spend 5 days in Washington DC for the Leadership Program component
  • The entire delegation of 21 participants will travel to three communities in Paraguay: Asuncion, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este for approximately 3 weeks.
  • Partners will select youth from all states.

Tentative timeline:

November – February: Recruitment

March – April: Selection

May – June: Orientation and Logistics

July: Travel

August – September: Follow-on

If you have any questions regarding the American Youth Leadership Program, please contact Melissa Golladay at or Abraham Cisne at


Youth Volunteer Opportunity

Red2012 World Youth Volunteering Network: Pursue your Passion, Develop your Skills, Multiply your Impact

Are you a young volunteer seeking to pursue your passions, develop your skills and multiply your impact?

Are you part of RED2021 and want to share our message with other young people like you?

Partners of the Americas and the International Organization for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), with air transportation provided in partnership with, American Airlines welcomes you to participate in an open invitation to be a RED2021 AMBASSADOR and represent the network in global events that unite young volunteers on important social issues.

Tell us about the event you would like to participate in and the impact you want to leave on young people by being an Ambassador of RED2021 and you might get access to one of 25 vouchers provided by American Airlines that are reserved by for you.

RED2021 is a partnership between Partners of the Americas and IAVE and was launched in November 2011 as part of the Second World Summit for Youth Volunteering. This event had the support of important organizations like which are committed to the development of innovative social initiatives among young volunteers, leaders and activists all over the world.

The initiative was created as a response to the need to strengthen the commitments of all the young volunteers in the world, providing them with the connections needed to pursue their passions, develop their skills and multiply their impact through volunteering, with a firm commitment to generating a positive global impact.

Together we are more, and better. You make our network the most important platform for youth volunteering in the whole world.

More information and application. RED2021- Information



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