A short course in Guarani

In Natalia Goldberg’s newest Discovering Paraguay blog post she provides a short course in Paraguay’s first language.  The half a dozen (actually 7) words are easy to learn and helpful to non-natives to use to show respect for the local culture and to have some fun.  Note her cautions about going astray.  Now if we could only get some ‘haku’ up here in the frozen north I would be happy.


Paraguayan Food Truck in Pittsburgh

No it is not a typo.  This Paraguayan food truck is in the other Pittsburgh.  The one with the ‘h.’  Who knew that lomito sandwiches from Paraguay would sell in Pittsburgh.  I wonder what it would take to get them to come to Pittsburg.  With all of those Paraguayan students it could really take off.  Bring on the milanese.  My personal favorite.



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