New Plant Found In Paraguayan Chaco

Check out this new plant species of the moonseed plant. Whatever that is. Anyone know?  The biodiversity of Paraguay is amazing.

Kansas, Paraguay and Partners of the Americas participate in a Nationwide Art Contest

Kansas Paraguay Partners, our southern partners CPK and the US-Paraguayan binational center (CCPA) are working together to conduct a national Paraguayan art competition.  The focus is on young Paraguayan artists in the areas of painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography.  The winner will receive English instruction (if necessary) through CCPA, travel to Kansas through an education and culture travel grant and work with artists in Kansas.  Amber Hansen a Lawrence artist, University of Kansas instructor and KPP member traveled to Paraguay through a POA travel grant to participate in the judging of the contest.  Below is a poster for the event.


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Paraguay Happiest!

I seem to be coming a little late to the party.  If you have interest in Paraguay you probably have already read that it is the happiest country in the whole world.  But those of us who have been there already knew that.  Unless your favorite football team just lost.

Paraguayan Culture in Pictures

Check out these gorgeous photos from a performance by the Paraguayan Mimbipa Ballet troupe that took place in Cairo, Egypt.  Enjoy!

Paraguayan Food

From The Latin Kitchen comes Paraguayan food via a restaurant in New York.

Paraguayan Mother and Son are Reunited

This is a nice Mother’s Day story about a Paraguayan mother who came to the US to be a nanny to send money home to her family.  Even as a nurse in Paraguay her family struggled financially.  Unfortunately too many Paraguayan women have had to leave their families and country to send back money.  The Paraguayan economy is doing fairly well now and here is hoping that this will produce more good jobs so this type of emigration is less common.


Hitch-Hike Across Paraguay

Take a look at the short article about Michael Turner’s 600 miles trip across Paraguay.  He is a Brit and there is an interesting history between England and Paraguay.  If I recall, the first railroad in South America was constructed in Paraguay with British engineers.  Michael is an adventurer not an engineer.  Maybe he would like to hitch-hike across Kansas.  Michael – I have an extra bedroom for you when you make your trek across Kansas.



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