Organic Sugar from Paraguay

Check out this video from the Manduvira Coop in Paraguay.  It seems like they have had great success transitioning to organic sugar.


A short course in Guarani

In Natalia Goldberg’s newest Discovering Paraguay blog post she provides a short course in Paraguay’s first language.  The half a dozen (actually 7) words are easy to learn and helpful to non-natives to use to show respect for the local culture and to have some fun.  Note her cautions about going astray.  Now if we could only get some ‘haku’ up here in the frozen north I would be happy.

Scholarship Deadline

It is time to remind people that the deadline for the Kansas Paraguay Study Abroad Scholarship is March 1, 2014. Just click on the Scholarship tab at the top of the page for all of the information and the application. Any questions? Write John Poertner at

Gabriel Duarte

Classical Guitarist Gabriel Duarte performed in Lawrence several years ago.  It was a delightful concert.  If you are in the Lawrence area, I urge you to attend.
Celebrated Paraguayan Classical Guitarist to Perform in Lawrence on Friday, 24 January.
Returning again to Lawrence, Gabriel Duarte, will provide a free concert at the Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence at 7:00 pm. on Friday, 24 January. He is a maestro of classical and folkloric Paraguayan guitar and directs a guitar conservatory, sharing his knowledge and skill with students in Encarnacion, Paraguay.  He has performed in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, and he has made numerous radio and television appearances.  He will be joined by Paraguayan guitar prodigy Josecito Alvarenga.  Josecito has performed at festivals all over Paraguay and was even sent by the Paraguayan government to represent Paraguayan culture at music festivals in Europe.
The Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence is located at 1263 N. 1100 Road, about 2-1/2 miles South of the Holiday Inn Express on  South Iowa and 1/3 miles west of 1100 North.  The concert is free and open to the public.  For more information call Graham Kreicker at 785-842-2332.

Clara Dubbs



Boots Raber is presenting Clara Dubbs a copy of the recent 40-Year History of Kansas-Paraguay Partners.  Boots along with Merrill Raber complied the history.  Clara is a long time member and supporter of KPP.  She was a very generous contributor to the history project.

Clara was also a leader in the International 4-H Youth (IFYE) and Professional Rural Youth Leader Exchange (PRYLE) from 1978 through 1992. Along with our southern partners exchanges occurred each year between youth of Kansas and Paraguay. Some of the Paraguayan youth went on to study at Fort Hays State University and Kansas State University.  In 2005 KPP and CPK sponsored a tour of Paraguay and Clara was sought out by many people who fondly remembered their time in Kansas.

Clara will turn 90 years old next month.

Democracy in Action?

I tend to avoid Paraguayan political stories.  I know that I never know the whole story. Things are just too complex and Kansas-Paraguay Partners is about mutual understanding not taking sides in political matters.  However the story that has been widely reported in ABC Color and other papers is just too interesting and more about the emerging democracy than supporting a political position.  It may be that social media and new political activism have made the Paraguayan Congress reconsider a decision.  Part of the story is that business establishments have refused to serve the 23 senators that voted to support a colleague. Is this a tactic we could adopt in the north?  Take a look at this BBC report on the matter.

Paraguayan Food Truck in Pittsburgh

No it is not a typo.  This Paraguayan food truck is in the other Pittsburgh.  The one with the ‘h.’  Who knew that lomito sandwiches from Paraguay would sell in Pittsburgh.  I wonder what it would take to get them to come to Pittsburg.  With all of those Paraguayan students it could really take off.  Bring on the milanese.  My personal favorite.


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