Another Group that works with Paraguay

KPP member John Poertner asked me to post information about this group that he is involved with. The group is called the Friends of Paraguay, and was created in 1987 to establish a network of returned Peace Corps Volunteers and others who are interested in improving communication and information exchange in support of social, cultural, and economic development in Paraguay. Friends of Paraguay (FOP) is committed to raising domestic awareness and understanding of Paraguay and promoting the importance of the Peace Corps.

Membership dues and contributions enable FOP to provide financial support for small projects in Paraguay, publish a newsletter and directory and maintain this website. Membership in FOP enables you to keep abreast of activities of former volunteers and friends, keep informed of Peace Corps activities, make new contacts to help toward your personal, social and professional development, and continue supporting socio-economic development in Paraguay.

Friends of Paraguay is affiliated with the Naitonal Peace Corps Association (NPCA). If you would like to join both NPCA and Friends of Paraguay, Visit the NPCA Website.

Friends of Paraguay Website:

National Peace Corps Association Website:

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