Youth Ambassadors Mission and Partipants, 2008

How do youth from other countries view the US and its citizens? What impact can cultural exchanges have on this perception? Youth in the United States will learn the answers when they host 10 high school students from Latin America between February 1 and 15, 2008. The 2008 Youth Ambassador program will bring youth from Paraguay to Kansas to learn about US cultures, values, politics, and families. The experience will strengthen links between the US and Latin America as participants grow into leaders throughout the Hemisphere.

The Youth Ambassadors program, begun in 2002, brings outstanding public high school students from across Latin America to the United States for a two-week exchange visit. During their stays, these youth experience US history and culture in Washington DC, live with U.S. families across the country, attend schools and cultural activities, and interact with U.S. youth. The experience expands knowledge and understanding among youth to promote increased mutual understanding among peoples of the Americas.

The Youth Ambassadors were selected in an open competition of young people who have limited economic means, outstanding school records, display leadership qualities, are proficient in English, and have demonstrated interests in improving their local community. The Youth Ambassadors Program is supported by the US Department of State. Kansas Paraguay Partners, a chapter of the Partners of the Americas is hosting the Youth Ambassadors throughout their stay in Kansas.

Click here to view Biographies of the 2008 Youth Ambassadors  in English


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