Serenading Governor Sebelius at the Statehouse

The 2008 Youth Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius during their time in Kansas.
Alhelí Aranda (playing the guitar) is a 15 year old musician from Asunción. She currently attends 10th. Grade at Asunción Escalada Public School. She’s been studying music for seven years and English for one year at the Ministry of Defense Institute of Languages. She plays the guitar, viola and piano. She also teaches classical music and loves composer Claude Debussy, as well as abstract music. Alhelí knows about Paraguayan folk music and would like to pursue her musical career in the US. Alheli was hosted by Morgan Sherve @ Lawrence High School.

Singing, is Nathalia Lorena González Barbosa
Nathalia is 18 years old and lives in the city of Ñemby. She attended San José Apostólico School. She recently graduated from high school and would like to study journalism. As a talented singer, Nathalia enjoys singing typical songs from Paraguay. Last year, she wrote a poem about life that was published and commented in one of the local newspaper. As part of her community service work, she has worked for “Ñemby en desarrollo”, a project in charge of local development in her community. Nathalia believes in “cultural integration and understanding of the countries as a way to achieve world’s development”. Nati was hosted by Amanda Bari @ Free State High School.


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