College Graduates 2008!

Karen Acosta and her Kansas FamilyMariana Boettner also graduated on Sunday, May 18th, 2008.

A number of Paraguayan students graduated this spring. The top photo is Karen Acosta and her Kansas “family” Kim Kreicker, Pam Weigand and Arla Jones. The next photo is Mariana Boettner and her family. Both Mariana and Karen graduated from the University of Kansas.

Here are the students whom we are aware of, and their field of study:

Pittsburg State University:

Rafeal Oddone, in Construction Management.

The University of Kansas:

Mariana Boettner, B.S. in Business Management
Luis Andres F. Santacruz, B.A. in Economics
Daniel Portillo, B.A. in Economics
Cristina Fernandez, B.A. in Economics
Karen Acosta, M.A. in TESOL. (Karen is returning to K.U. in the fall to complete a Ph.D.)

Emporia State University:

Renato Aller-Zumaeta, B.S., Liberal Arts and Sciences, Magna Cum Laude

*** If you have photos and information about  other grads, please forward to KPP and we will post them here!


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