June 7, 2009 Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2008

The quarterly meeting of the KPP Board of Directors was held June 7, 2008, at the Dairy Barn on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas. The meeting was called to order by John Poertner, President, at 9:30am with the following Board members present: Bob Klemm, Jay Newton, Dave Schafer, and Norm Schlesener.

President John announced that Marcia Newton had agreed to assume the responsibilities of Secretary. Bill Richter volunteered to take minutes pending the arrival of the Newtons.

While waiting for a quorum, several announcements were made.
(1) Lorraine Richards reported that Partners of the Americas had contacted KPP to place two Brazilian firefighters on a POA fellowship visit. Anderson Silva and Moacir Oliveira arrived in mid-April and visited numerous Emergency Management Offices and fire departments during the following two months, including Newton, Wichita, Hutchinson, Harvey County, Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, and Wakarusa. Newspaper articles concerning their visit were passed around.
(2) E-mail addresses need to be sent to President John, Bob Klemm (membership roster), and Arla Jones (KPP listserve).
(3) Merrill Raber reported on a Request for Application (RFA) for collaborative relationships with Paraguay to train medical professionals. University of Kansas School of Medicine (UKSM) relayed the RFA to their Wichita branch. It was not possible to meet the original application deadline. The competition is being re-opened, and UKSM is considering submitting an application.
(4) Kansas-Paraguay trips including some traveling on Partners of the Americas grants were: (a) A high school principal from Lawrence is leading a group to Paraguay; (b) David Schafer announced that some Kansas State University veterinary medicine students are in Paraguay presently; (c) President John announced that Pittsburg State University pianist Reena Berger proposes to travel to Paraguay in November/December of the current year. The involvement of the Comite Paraguay-Kansas (CPK) is still needed. John raised the issue of the lack of involvement in KPP by some of those persons receiving travel grants in the past. There was some discussion of how travel grant recipients may be encouraged to be members of and to maintain active involvement in KPP.

There were no minutes from the last Board meeting.

Treasurer Dave announced that he has expense vouchers available for those persons requesting reimbursement. He presented a financial report for the period ending May 31, 2008. Reinhild Janzen has requested mileage reimbursement to and from Pittsburg, Kansas for her presentation on Paraguayan art. Bob moved to reimburse her at the IRS charitable rate. Norm Schlesener seconded the motion, and the vote was favorable.

Cultural Arts: President John announced that 7.43% sales tax is due on the art sales. Jay Newton moved that the artist pay sales tax on the asking price, that the Board retain any differences between the asking prices and the purchase prices as donations, and that the Board pay the sales tax due on the donations. Dave seconded the motion, and the vote was favorable. A letter requesting some art for a Paraguayan Art Show in 2009 was received from the Sandzen Gallery in McPherson, Kansas. President John now owns the unsold craft items which didn’t sell because they were priced too highly. Reinhild has the inventory list of the items. A letter is to be written regarding the disposition of these items, whether to return or to lower the price.

Education: Edith Black announced that there were three strong candidates for KPP scholarships: Matt Hoge, Jazmin Ramirez, and Cesar Caballero. Bob moved that $1200 be awarded to Matt Hoge and that Sara McReynolds be recommended for the Nelson de Barrios scholarship at Kansas State University. CPK recommended Cesar Caballero for the Nelson de Barrios Scholarship, and the Board acquiesced to CPK’s recommendation. Norm seconded the motion, and the vote was favorable. Mary Bradshaw announced her desire to conduct a Debate Camp for Paraguayan youth in Newton, Kansas. She envisions a KPP project approved jointly by both KPP and CPK. Nan Wilson sought clarification of Stael Rufaneli’s role as volunteer or businesswoman.

Civil Society: A Pilot Project to make available Archives of Terror documents was presented. The microfilmed documents have been digitized and are awaiting cataloging for accessibility by the library departments of George Washington University, Washington, D.C. and Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. Bob moved that a letter of Board support for the project be sent. Jay seconded, and the vote was favorable.

Reach Out: By presidential edict, this committee now includes membership. The current task is to develop new brochures. Suggestions included using the logo and printing on legal size paper. The committee is to send a draft to the Board.

Melanie Stuart-Campbell presented an overview of the Visiting Teacher from Paraguay in Kansas Program. She suggested KPP partner with Washburn University. Much discussion ensued, with the consensus being a great deal more information is needed to address the Board’s questions and concerns. She is to draft an application to present to the Board at its next meeting, September 6.

The meeting was adjourned to enjoy a guided tour of the Konza Prairie.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia L. Newton,


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