Luis Recalde and the 2008 Paraguayan Youth Ambassadors

Immediately after returning to Paraguay, and moved by the useful things that they learned about community projects and volunteer work, the 2008 Paraguayan Youth Ambassadors (YAs) started implementing a project they created, called “Jóvenes Líderes al Servicio de la Comunidad” (“Youth Leaders at Community Service”). 2008 Youth Ambassadors

As a group they worked with a school located in an underprivileged zone of Asuncion. The school is attended by children and youth who were selected for a special scholarship, because of their outstanding grades. The YAs analyzed the situation of the school and bought things that the school and the community needed, such as computers, books, and pieces of furniture to make a library. At the same time, they offered special classes to the children who attend the school, in English, how to play the guitar, and how to dance.

YAs also traveled throughout their own cities to give a workshop to High School students, to promote the YA program and to motivate them from their experience. They have also served as translators to some American doctors, who went to Paraguay to volunteer and help people understand how important it is to visit a doctor periodically.

“All these things are really important for us, since we gave our own time and effort to them. Volunteer work gives back to you even more than what you were expecting. Volunteer work is a really good way to start changing our own environment. Volunteer work gives you one of the most satisfactory rewards in your life: happy and grateful people, because of what you did.”
– Luis Recalde


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