Small Grant Proposal Guidelines and Criteria


I. Cover Letter
One page letter signed by the person responsible for the project briefly describing the proposed project, its length and the amount of money requested.

II. Proposal Preparation (follow outline, no more than 3 pages)
A. Describe the proposed project, its rationale and its purpose.
B. Describe the anticipated results of the project and how it will benefit the partnership.
C. Prepare a timeline showing the intended activities of the project.
D. Describe how the project will be evaluated.
E. Prepare an annotated, line item budge for the project. Identify other sources of funding by amount and donor, and indicate whether that funding is anticipated or committed. (Funds will not be awarded for travel expenses.)

III. Give the qualifications of the person(s) responsible for the project.

IV. A final report will be submitted to the KPP Board no later than six weeks following completion of the project.


I. The project fits with the purpose of KPP

II. The project will benefit Kansas Paraguay Partners, Comité Paraguay Kansas or both organizations.

III. The person responsible for the project is a member in good standing of KPP and qualified to undertake the project.

IV. The activities of the project are fully explained and can reasonably be expected to be accomplished.

V. The method for evaluating the project is clearly defined and appropriate.

VI. The proposed budget is realistic and requests no more than $500 from KPP.

All applications must be submitted through the relevant KPP committee chair at least 8 weeks prior to the next KPP quarterly meeting. At least 6 weeks prior to the KPP quarterly meeting, the committee chair will forward applications, with recommendations from the committee, to the Small Grants Review Committee appointed by the KPP President. This committee will review the applications, evaluate criteria noted above, and make recommendations to the full board. Applicants will be notified of the KPP Board’s decision within one week of the board meeting.


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