September 6, 2008 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Minutes for  September 6, 2008

The quarterly meeting of the KPP Board of Directors was held September 6, 2008, at Pittsburg (Kansas) State University. The meeting was called to order by John Poertner, President, at 9:20am with the following board members present: Bob Carlson, Bob Klemm, Nan Porter, Jay Newton, Marcia Newton, John Poertner, Arla Jones, Kim Kreicker, and Alice Sagehorn. Alice introduced guests Benvenidos Cortez, Dean and Chair of the Economics Department at PSU, and Jim Triplett,

retired Professor of Biology at PSU.

The minutes of the previous meeting were changed to include the correct rate of 7.45% sales tax due on the art sales. Merrill Raber, friend of KPP, commended the Secretary on the preparation of the minutes. Nan Porter moved and Bob Klemm seconded the motion to accept the minutes as corrected; the vote was favorable.


The Treasurer’s report was presented. Jay moved and Arla seconded the motion to accept the report; the vote was favorable.

President’s Report: John covered details of the Annual Meeting, including Lawrence as a possible meeting site, March 7, 2009, as a tentative date, and the political and/or economic situation in Paraguay as a possible topic. An article about Joseph Stiglitz, former chief World Bank economist and current Columbia Professor of Economics, was distributed. John announced that the Vice-President is in charge of the Annual Meeting.

The focus of the annual fund-raising letter was discussed. Kim moved and Nan seconded that the firefighter cargo container and the scholarship fund be offered as choices for donations; the vote was favorable.

The next meeting of the KPP Board will be December 6, 2008, at the Newton (Kansas) Public Library.

John announced that he had invited the Paraguayan students at PSU to join the Board for lunch at the Pizza Hut.


A draft of the “Guidelines for Hosts and Coordinators” was distributed.

Travelers on POA Grants: It was announced that Dr. Penner has returned from Paraguay, and Merrill is to invite him to the December Board Meeting. Reena Berger, a cultural arts performer, has requested a travel grant that, upon consideration, was denied. Nan moved and Kim seconded for the denial; the vote was favorable. Alice abstained. Liliam Rodriguez, the best soprano in Paraguay, is working with Arlo and Kathy Kasper. She will be hosted by Ft. Hays State University sometime in February or March, 2009. Bob Klemm moved and Alice seconded to invite Ms. Rodriguez to entertain at the Annual Meeting; the vote was favorable.

Natural Resources: Bob Klemm announced that, from all indications, the Chaco Water Project is dead in the water, so the $797 donation for that Project needs to be dealt with. Merrill suggested a letter be sent to Mike Dealy and the gentlemen from Kansas State University advising them of the demise of this Project and thanking them for their interest and willingness to help. Nan moved and Jay seconded that the donors of the $797 be notified of the termination of the Project and that their wishes be ascertained for the disposition of their donated funds, i.e., returned or re-directed; the vote was favorable.

Bob announced that he is returning to Paraguay at the request of the manager of the Ascuncion Zoo to help with management issues and medicines for the animals.

Education: Melanie Stuart-Campbell is no longer employed by the Kansas State Department of Education. Alice and Kim will secure a contact person at the Department in order to continue work on the Visiting Teacher from Paraguay in Kansas Program.

Steve announced that Mary Bradshaw still wants to invite the Paraguayan students to Newton. Arla announced that the Youth Ambassador Program is seeking host families. John raised concerns about the Board’s liability for student exchanges. Jay requested a written legal opinion which Alice volunteered her son to provide. Kim and Steve will work out the details of any student exchanges.

Edith Black, announced that the scholarship application form is updated and has been sent out and that the current scholarship recipients are doing well. Merrill suggested having Matt Hoge and Jazmin Ramirez present reports at the Annual Meeting.

Cultural Arts: Merrill reported that the Kansas Art to Paraguay project is floundering because KPP continues to need a commitment from Paraguay documenting details such as place, security, etc. for the exhibit. Merrill will ask Arlo to lead this project.

Civil Society: The Supreme Court of Paraguay is housing the cataloged digitized records of the Archives of Terror documents.

International Trade: John indicated that he would like to meet Fernando Torrez, a POA fellow from Topeka, Kansas.

Agriculture: Marcie Spaw, Kansas State University, and the Farmer to Farmer Community Gardening project was referred to Dave Schafer.

Other Items: Lorraine Richards, friend of KPP, reported 756 volunteer hours as a follow up on the firefighters from Brazil. John announced that the KPP website will serve as both “office” and archives for the organization. Kim will work on the KPP facebook.


The meeting was adjourned for lunch with the Paraguayan students at PSU at the Pizza Hut.


Respectfully submitted,

Marcia L. Newton, Secretary Pro Tem


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