In 2002, the Partners of the Americas presented its “Award for

Excellence” to the Kansas-Paraguay Partnership (KPP) and the Comité

Paraguay/Kansas for their work on the development and implementation of the

Family Medicine Faculty Exchange program. The award was received at the

Annual Partners of the Americas International Convention in Quito, Ecuador,

Nov. 22, 2002. The “Award for Excellence” recognized the KPP and the

Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) at KUSM-Wichita.

The Family Medicine Faculty Exchange

program is designed to:

1. Develop international faculty relationships and strengthen

academic credibility for family medicine at the KU School of

Medicine-Wichita and at Paraguayan medical schools.

2. Share clinical methods for working among diverse populations.

3. Develop opportunities to restructure health care using a

family medicine-based model.

4. Obtain consultation regarding family medicine training at the

predoctoral, residency, and continuing medical education


5. Establish opportunities for Kansas medical students to study

in Paraguay.

The interchange between Kansas and Paraguayan family

physician educators began in 1986 with a chance meeting

between Ed Donatelle, MD, and Wes Schmidt, MD, at a

national Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM)

meeting. Dr. Donatelle was the DFCM department chair at

KUSM-Wichita. Dr. Schmidt, a practicing physician in Paraguay

with family roots in Kansas, was the chair of the Health

Committee of the Comité Paraguay/Kansas. As a result of their

meeting, Dr. Donatelle consulted with Paraguayan medical

schools in 1987 and arranged for Dr. Schmidt to do a fellowship

in family medicine at KUSM-Wichita. Subsequently, Dr.

Schmidt developed the first family medicine residency program

in Paraguay.

To view the complete history of this program:
KPP Health Committee History



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