September 12, 2009 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Kansas Paraguay Partners
September 12, 2009

The meeting was called to order by John Poertner, president, at 10:00.  It was held at Johnson County Community College in the Carlsen Center.  He introduced special guests: Major Brent Salmans, Aubry Crawford, and Celina Trishell.

 Major Sallmans presented a brief program about the Kansas National Guard partnership with Armenia.  They are part of the national program that matches National Guards with other countries.  He is in the International Affairs Office. And is the director of the Kansas program.  Their program focuses mostly on informational programs with organizations within Armenia.  Special interests include disaster responses, emergency preparedness and policing.  He stressed the importance of personal relationships and connections.  He was very interested in our approach thru individuals and long established relationships.  Paraguays’ national guard state is Massachuesetts.  John will try to talk to their director about possibilities for working together.

Minutes of the last meeting were presented by Nan Porter and approved. (Carlson/Klemm).

The treasurers report was presented by Dave Schafer and approved. (Cartlson/Klemm).

John gave the presidents report.  He felt the Chicago regional meeting was very good and found it very informative and useful.  He attended along with the Newtons and the Richards.   He was impressed with the new POA director, Steve Vetter. 

The POA national meeting will be NOV. 12-13th and Alice Sagehorn will be presenting.  Anyone interested in attending should find details on our website.  

John read a note from Ambassador Spaulding expressing his thanks and appreciation for our support.  He is no longer ambassador and doesn’t know what his future plans are now. 

John met with Governor Parkinson in a session brokered by Christine Downey.  The Governor agreed to be an honorary member of KPP. 

Jay Newton and Steve Richards reported on the Chicago regional meeting which they also attended.  Jay was especially interested in the fundraising efforts which included selling t-shirts, developing a regional cookbook, having a gourmet dinner and starting an alumni group in the partner country.

Donna Schenck-Hamlin introduced Celina and discussed the Civil Society and Human Rights report.  It was decided that the work with the Archives of Terror would be the focus for the annual meeting to be held in Manhattan.  Donna mentioned the possibility of obtaining a grant to help with the Archives project. It was moved to approve a motion having John send a communication to CPK President Erwin Bogado endorsing a 1 year funding grant (NED) application.  (Schlesener/Sagehorn).

Travelers on POA grants.  CPK has forwarded a request for pianist Bianca Gatti to travel to Kansas.  This has been forwarded to Cultural Arts Chair Lynn Wilson.

John Poertner appointed the Nominating Committee: Donna Schenck-Hamlin, Russ Smith and Nan Wilson agreed to serve on the nominating committee.

It was decided that this year’s fundraising appeal will focus on Emergency Preparedness.

Education Committee   Edith Black presented a flyer on scholarship applications.  The full amount of $1,200 is available for this year’s scholarship.  She discussed the difficulties of students studying in Paraguay without a formal program and students need to get academic credit for the course they pursue in Paraguay.

Zoo project:  Bob Klemm reported on his summer trip to Paraguay and  parks.  He is pleased and excited with the progress with the zoo.  It was decided that Bob should give a zoo report at the annual meeting.  He will be entertaining the director this fall in Manhattan. 

Membership:  Bob Klemm handed out new membership directories.  The latest figures are 106 members.

Old Business

John presented a draft by-law revision to establish a partner city program.  It follows the partner city committee structure that Wisconsin uses. 

John presented an example historical timeline used by the Iowa partnership.  Charles Stansifer and Merrill will work on this.

New Business

Sports Committee – Girls Edge was discussed.  It is a soccer program for girls that has been very successful.

Steve Richards presented a short sample of how to market and sell interest in Partners.  He suggested that everyone have a brief description in mind of why they joined and why they feel it is important.

 Respectfully submitted

Nan Porter, secretary


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