Quarterly Meeting Directions & Agenda — Dec. 5 2009

Our next  meeting is in the Contemporary Studies Room at College Hill United Methodist Church. 
CHUM is located at 2930 E. 1st street.  It’s two blocks west of 1st and Hillside. 
The most direct route from the east would be to take Kellogg to the Hillside exit.  Turn right on Hillside and go about four blocks to Douglas.  Turn left and go to Chautauqua and turn right and go one block to 1st.  The parking lot is behind the church.  If you’re coming from Newton, you would go South on I-135 to the lst-2nd street exit.  Go left onto 1st street and go to Chautauqua and turn left.  The church is on that corner with parking behind.  The CS room is in the basement.
We will adjourn for lunch at 12:15.  We have a reservation at the Mediterranean Cafe across from Town East, in front of the Target store.  Everyone will be responsible for their own choice and bill.  They have a wide range from hamburgers and salads to fancy grilled fish.  I have invited the Paraguayan students at WSU to join us.  We will pick up their tab.
9:30 am. Coffee and talk
10:00 am.  Call to order – Introductions, changes, additions to agenda
Minutes of last board meeting– Nan Porter
Treasurer’s report – Dave Schafer
President’s report – John Poertner
                                    POA Convention
Travelers on POA grants
                        Donna Schenck-Hamlin – approved
                        Blanca Gatti – need approval
                        Dr. Belen Ramirez – approved
What do we tell others about KPP – Steve Richards
Old business
            Partner Cities
            Annual meeting – Manhattan, Archives Project and Zoo Project
            Sports Committee – Girls Edge
            Film – The Paraguayan War – $200 – 4 members have pledged $25 each for KPP to purchase.
New business
            Paraguay Partners LLC
Committee Reports – Committees with action items listed first
            Nominating Committee – action required
                        Board members;  Bob Carlson; Kim Kreicker;           Jay Newton; John Poertner; Nan Porter;                                                Merrill Raber-             Officiers; President;  Secretary
Education – Edith Black, Kim Kreicker, Mary Bradshaw, Arla Jones,         
                        Scholarship Fund
                        Youth Ambassadors
                        High School Exchanges
            Natural Resources – Bob Klemm – recent visitors from PY.
            Health Committee – Merrill Raber
Cultural Arts – Lynn Wilson, Arlo Kasper – note from Arlo
Other committees                 
Reach Out – Kim Kreicker, Arla Jones, Bob Klemm (membership)
            Emergency Preparedness – Steve Richards
            Civil Society – Donna Schenck-Hamlin
            International trade – Melissa Birch
            Natural resources – Bob Klemm
            Agriculture – Dave Schafer


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