Quarterly Meeting Agenda–September 11th, 2010

Please join us for our quarterly meeting in Hays Sept 11. 

 Essential information and agenda are below. 

We have a great agenda with a working lunch. 

Please email John Poertner  (jpoertner@sunflower.com) if you will be eating lunch(cost $10.30) or if you have any other questions.
KPP Quarterly Meeting Sept 11, 2010
Sternberg Museum at Fort Hays State University – 3000 Sternberg Drive.  Sternberg Drive is off of East 27th st. East 27th is a major east-west street.
We will have a busy day.  Special guests include:
·      Hays Sister Cities Committee (Hays is a sister city to Santa Maria de Fe in Paraguay),
·      Marianna Beach,
·      Chair of the Modern Language Department of FHSU,
·      Paraguayan Youth Ambassadors who are visiting Goodland,
·      Kansas Youth Ambassadors powerpoint presentation. 
We will work these visitors into our agenda as it seems appropriate.  We will also have lunch bought in and continue our meeting during lunch.  The cost of lunch is  $10.30 for a buffet style sandwich lunch.  Please email me if you will be having lunch. We need to tell them the number for lunch.
 We would like to end the day with a picture of everyone at the Guggiari sculpture.
9:30 am Meet, great and coffee
10:00 am.  Call to order – Introductions, changes, additions to agenda
Minutes of last board meeting– Nan Porter
Treasurer’s report – Dave Schafer
President’s report – John Poertner     
Travelers on POA grants
                        Donna Schenck-Hamlin – approved
                        Blanca Gatti – approved
                        Dr. Belen Ramirez – approved
                        Scott Fromme – action needed
                        Five Times Harder
                        Jared Bixby – Zoo project
Old business
            Policy regarding gifts for exceptional volunteers
            Returning art to PY
            Partner Cities (action requested)
New business
            Fundraising letter – (action requested)
            Annual Meeting – (action requested)
            Purchase of three items from Paraguayan Art Exhibit to donate to Kansas’ institutions- (action
            Bi-centennial trip to PY
POA Election
Juan Gonzalez archives – Jorge Rubiani
Possible exhibit of Paraguayan youth photography in Kansas – this is in part a Peace Corps Paraguay
Committee Reports          
Education – Edith Black, Kim Kreicker, Mary Bradshaw, Arla Jones            
            Scholarship Fund June 30 balance $43,382.55  – CPK – Alhelí Aranda Brítez – KPP – Scott Barkemeyer – 
            Youth Ambassadors – visit from current Paraguayan YAs, video of Kansas YAs
            Youth Ambassadors service project
                        Fundraising for scholarship fund – selling jewelry, bowling, walk
                        Collect instruments to go to PY
Emergency Preparedness – Steve Richards
Agriculture – Dave Schafer
Health  – Merrill Raber
Cultural Arts – Lynn Wilson, Arlo Kasper, Merril Raber
Reach Out – Kim Kreicker, Arla Jones, Bob Klemm (membership)
Civil Society – Donna Schenck-Hamlin
International trade – Melissa Birch
Natural resources – Bob Klemm  
End of Meeting: Picture at sculpture.


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