Family Practice Medical Exchange

Paraguay-Kansas Family Medicine Partnership

This years Kansas-Paraguay annual meeting celebrated the more than 25 years of the family practice exchange between Paraguay and Kansas.  This long-standing program of the University of Kansas School of Medicine @ Wichita (KUSM-Wichita) and the Paraguay Academy of Family Physicians is one of the best-kept secrets in Kansas.   It shouldn’t be.

The results of this program are amazing and include:

  • 27 medical students from Kansas have participated in an international elective in Paraguay
  • Increased family practice residency programs in Paraguay from 1 to 7
  • Increased Paraguayan family practice residents from 15 to 120 per year.
  • Postgraduate training to practicing physicians in rural Paraguay
  • Assisted financially in renovating a family medicine facility at the university medical complex in Asuncion.
  • Purchased high speed computer for the Family Medicine Center in Asuncion to access online literature
  • Provided  curriculum and precepting models for predoctoral family medicine community experiences in Paraguay.

This is an impressive list of accomplishments and a lot of “bang for the buck.”  The success of this program is directly attributable to the volunteers at KUSM-Wichita and Kansas City, the dedication of KPP member Merrill Raber and  Partners of the Americas.



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