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You may recall that I have promoted  Natalia’s blog (Discovering Paraguay) on a couple of occasions.  Now her travel guide is available.  Here is what she says about it

Dear family and friends,

Remember a long time ago when I told you I was writing a guidebook to Paraguay? Well, I’m super excited to say after four years of bus rides, boat rides, oh, and let’s not forget the arrival of Rice and Bean, the day has finally come: my guidebook to Paraguay has been published! I’d like to thank you all for your encouragement throughout this long and crazy process! And now I´m asking for your support once more in helping me spread the word about the guidebook. There are several ways you can help me out:

If you are interested in learning about Paraguay please consider buying a copy from The more the book sells early on the more likely it is to show up first when people search on Amazon for books about Paraguay – so if you’re going to buy a copy please do so soon. Here is the direct link:

Write a review on Amazon. This is super important as most people will decide which Paraguay guidebook to buy based on the reviews. Potential buyers need to find the review useful so please feel free to be honest in your reviews. Note: You don´t actually have to buy the book from Amazon to review it, but if you do then it will count as a “Verified Review” which may matter to some people.

Spread the word: Please let anyone remotely affiliated with or interested in Paraguay know about the book. If you´re doing so via email, facebook, twitter, etc please send out either the Amazon link or the About the Book link to my website ( If someone you know buys the book please encourage them to write a review on Amazon as well. If you know anyone I should contact directly (friends with travel blogs or who work in travel media, etc. ) then please shoot me an email.

If you have any ideas for me about who to contact and what else I should do, I´m all ears! I’m especially interested in organizations that send people to Paraguay on a regular basis.

Romy Natalia Goldberg


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