Meet Legislative Fellow Fabiola


Meet Fabiola Alderete Coronel who is a Legislative Fellow through Partners of the Americas.  She is from Asuncion Paraguay, attended Santa Clara High School and studied law at Universidad National. She has worked as an Environmental Prosecutor and in a law firm. In Paraguay Fabiola works for Kuña Aty Foundation which is a non-governmental organization that is feminist, works to defend human rights and provides care to women, teens and children at social risk. It also seeks to build a society with equity in gender relations and free from family violence.

Fabiola’s placement in Topeka Kansas is with the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV). She hopes to learn about domestic violence laws in USA, orders of protection, and how governments in the USA try to fight domestic violence.  She also hopes to learn how civil organizations can influence the legislative process.  Fabiola would love for Paraguay to have an organization like KCSDV and shelters like those in Kansas. Fabiola also loves dogs and horses.


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