Partners of the Americas Legislative Fellows Program

The Partners of the Americas Legislative Fellows Program is a great opportunity for someone to have a short term experience in Latin America.  If you know of someone who might be interested please let them know and think of the word “Legislative” in a broad sense.  The information below comes from Partners.

Partners is still recruiting US professionals to participate in the Legislative Fellows Program this spring. This is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to gain on-the-ground experience in Latin America, build their resume, and expand their professional contacts. We wanted to reach out to you directly to ask for your help in identifying some talented individuals that you think would benefit from this program.

The Fellows will travel to Latin America for three weeks between February and April to work with a local organization on topics of interest to them and their profession. Past Fellows have been able to work with youth organizations, universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to share experiences and better understand the context of their colleagues’ work in another country.

We are looking for Fellows to fill the last spots available in the spring program. Please forward this information to anyone that you feel would benefit from the program and encourage them to contact us directly to discuss the program. We are also happy to talk to you or anyone else directly about the program.  To access the application directly, please follow click here.

We appreciate your help in reaching out to talented young professionals and look forward to working together to make this program a success.

Thank you,

Theresa S. McMenomy

Program Officer, Professional Exchanges

Partners of the Americas

1424 K Street NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20005

Direct (202) 637-6213

Skype: theresa.mcmenomy




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