Quarterly Meeting Sept. 14

Come join us at our Sept. 14 Quarterly Meeting.

Location:   We will meet at the International House at  SW Jewell Avenue  on the Washburn University campus. (South of the Mulvane Art  Museum parking lot off of SW17th)

Agenda (Preliminary)

Kansas Paraguay Partners

Saturday, September  14, 2013

9:00am—Coffee and refreshments.

9:30am—Call to order—Introductions, changes or additions to the agenda.

  1. 1.       Approval of the Minutes of the KPP Board meeting of 8 June 2013 
  2. 2.      Treasurer’s Report—John Poertner
  3. 3.      President’s Report:
    1. a.      Appointment of Nominating Committee
    2. b.     Status of the organization development POA grant application
  4. 4.      Travel Grant Status Reports:
    1. a.      Jeremy Starr,  Professor of violin, Emporia State University.
    2. b.     Catherine Consiglio, Wichita State University.
    3. c.      Elena Sanchez Nilhas, CPK Education Committee Chair
    4. d.     Dr. Mario Feltes, physician exchange, Oct. 25-Nov. 8, 2013
  5. 5.      Committee Reports
    1. a.      Agriculture—John Barnett,  Norman Schlesner
    2. b.     Cultural Arts—Martín Cuellar
    3. c.      Emergency Preparedness—Steve Richards, Scott Fromme
    4. d.     Health—Merrill Raber, Nan Porter
    5. e.     Citizen Participation—Jared Larson, John Barnett, Ed Flentje
    6. f.      Education—Gonzalo Bruce, Bobby Winters, John Poertner,  Paul Zagorski, Ann Burger
    7. g.     International Trade—Melissa Birch
    8. h.     Membership—Dave Schafer
    9. i.       Natural Resources—Ted Cable, Bob Klemm
    10. j.       Newsletter—Ann Burger
    11. k.     Women in Development—Virginia Moxley, Grace Hwang
  6. 6.     Other items of Business (Old & New)
  7. 7.       Adjournment (join for lunch)

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