The Small World of Paraguay

I use Google to troll the internet and flag stories about Paraguay.  The other day there was a piece from the New Haven Register about Amanda Doerr who is a young women who was born in Paraguay and adopted by a US couple (link to article is below).  Amanda is searching for her biological mother and saving money to travel to Paraguay to conduct the search.  The article mentions her blog which is “Diary of a Once Unwanted Girl “(see link below).  I read Amanda’s latest blog entry and went to respond.  I was the second person who had read the article and gone to the blog.  The first comment was from Kicaw.  It turns out that Kicaw is Kica Wiley who along with her husband were dear friends while Edith and I lived in Paraguay.  Kica taught Edith Spanish and she offered to teach Amanda Spanish and/or Guarani free of charge.  She also mentioned her departed husband befriended many adoptive parents from the US.  John was a great guy with a fascinating family history including that his father fought in the US Civil War and was largely responsible for the pure food and drug laws in the US.  I could go on about John and his family but I wouldn’t.  Suffice it to say that once you have a connection to Paraguay it is for a lifetime.


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