The History of Kansas-Paraguay Partners

Well maybe not the full history but 40 years is not bad.  Read about the accomplishments of an all volunteer organization.  There is a chapter entitled Key Impacts that has brief descriptions of some 23 projects. It is an amazing array and demonstrates that when someone has a passion to do something, it can get done.  It doesn’t take a large international development organization.

The rest of the book is organized by decades so the reader can follow along as KPP developed.  This excellent volume was written by long time KPP members and supporters Merrill and Boots Raber.  Only Merrill and Boots have the long term involvement with KPP to put together such an excellent book.

We await the story from our southern patterns. The parallel history of Comite Paraguay Kansas is just as impressive.  Neither one of us could have done it without the other.

Find your copy at



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