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Kansas Paraguay Partners and its Paraguayan counterpart the Comité Paraguay Kansas is an international volunteer organization promoting people-to-people exchanges between Paraguayans and Kansans. Both organizations are members of the Partners of the Americas (POA), the Western hemisphere’s largest private, completely apolitical volunteer organization.

To view a brief interview with Jim Boren, one of the founders of the Partners of the Americas, please visit this link: http://www.vimeo.com/1475375 or you can read more about him here

To see a complete list of Partnerships please go to: www.partners.net

States in the USA are partnered with regions or countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate cooperation and exchange. KPP is composed of over 10 committees that work on community-based projects, such as agriculture, civil society and health that benefit both sides of the partnership.

For more information on the Kansas Paraguay Partners, please download our brochure:

KPP brochure with membership form


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To Donate to KPP

All donations to Kansas-Paraguay Partners (KPP) are tax deductable.  KPP is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization.  The EIN for KPP is 48-0990816

Send donations to KPP treasurer John Poertner, 1646 Hillcrest Rd. Lawrence, KS 66044.


Click here for the Kansas Paraguay Partners MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Change of address or personal information?
Please send any change of address, telephone or email to

Dave Schafer, Membership Chair at:
2104 Fox Meadows; Manhattan, KS 66503

Website Admin: John Poertner


Kansas-Paraguay Partners Officers and Board Members.

President: Jay Newton

Vice President: Miguel Gonzales-Abellas

Secretary: Annette Voth

Treasurer: John Poertner

Other Board Members

Melissa Birch

Gonzalo Bruce

Scott Fromme

Steve Richards

Merrill Raber

Josephine Squires

Bobby Winters

Paul Zagorski


The Kansas Paraguay Partners has an annual meeting in March.
We also have quarterly meetings in June, September and December.

Our active committees are:

• CIVIL SOCIETY: Human Rights, Citizen Empowerment
• CULTURAL ARTS: Visual Arts, Performing Arts; Cultures
• EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Firefighting, Disasters
• HEALTH: Family Practice, Mental Health, Preventive Medicine
• INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Kansas-Paraguay Commerce
• NATURAL RESOURCES: Wildlife Conservation, Ecotours
• REACH OUT: Public Awareness, Cultural Diversity
• UNIVERSITY LINKAGE: North–South Student Exchanges & Scholarships
• YOUTH: Sports, Education, Teacher Exchanges

Minutes of KPP Quarterly Meetings

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 12.12.15

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 06.13.15

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 03.14.15

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 12-6-2014

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 9-6-2014

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 06-14-14

KPP Annual Meeting Minutes 04-08-14

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 04-07-14

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 12-14-13

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 09-14-13

KPP Board meeting minutes 06-08-13

KPP Annual Meeting Minutes-2013

KPP Board Meeting Minutes 03-08-13

KPP Board meeting minutes 12-8-12

KPP Board meeting minutes 09-08-12

KPP Board meeting minutes 06-02-12

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