Celebrating 50 Years of Partnerships

That was the theme of the Kansas Paraguay Partners Annual Meeting held in Manhattan Kansas on March 8. We aren’t actually 50 years old but we are helping celebrate the Partners of the Americas anniversary.  We actually date to 1968 which makes us 46.  In addition to celebrating POA’s 50th we featured the collaboration that helped create the program of Human Ecology at the National University in Paraguay (see pervious post).

Here are some pictures from our meeting. I did not catch the name of the Paraguayan student who sang so beautifully.  If anyone can tell me, I will edit this and add her name.  She deserves it.

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Human Ecology in Kansas and Paraguay


Pictured here are Clotilde Benitez and Mimi Smith Zabalio at the Kansas Paraguay Partners (KPP) meeting March 8, 1014.  Clotilde is the Dean of the College of Human Ecology at the National University in Paraguay and a graduate of Kansas State University (KSU).  Mimi Smith Zabalio is a long time member and supporter of KPP and the founder of the Paraguayan Human Ecology program. In the 1980s Mimi was a professor at KSU and working with Paraguayan counterparts on a variety of projects.  Out of these efforts came support from the Kellogg Foundation to establish a program for educating rural development professions in the College of Agronomy at the National University of Asuncion. This became the Department of Human Ecology in Paraguay. Most of the faculty of this program received degrees from KSU.  Other KPP members involved in these efforts were Lois Redman, Barbara Stowe, Meredith Stroh and Clara Dubbs.  I am certain that I haven’t credited all of those involved and invite additions and corrections.

2013 Annual Meeting

The Kansas Paraguay Partners Annual Meeting was held Saturday March 9.  The theme of the meeting was the Development of Democracy in Paraguay with a panel of political scientists who had participated in a CIRD related project in Paraguay.  Here are some photos from the meeting.


Professor Jared Larson


Professor Miguel Gonzalez-Abellas


Professor Bob Beatty


Panel of Political Scientists


Professor Michael Smith


Professor John Barnett


Paraguayan Ambassador to USA Fernando Pfanni


Professor Ed Flentje


Kansas Paraguay Partners President Jay Newton


Kansas Paraguay Partners Annual Meeting

Parking for the Kansas Paraguay Partners meeting this weekend.

If you are coming in on the turnpike take Lawrence exit 202 (US 59S, Iowa Street).  Drive south on Iowa to 9th street.  Turn left or east and proceed to Mississippi (there is a convenience store on the left and a liquor store on the right).  Turn right toward the campus.

There is a parking garage on the left that is on the north side of the Kansas Union (the meeting place).  You can park there for $1.50 per hour or you can proceed to the south side of the Spencer Art Museum, turn right and proceed to parking lot 91.  After 5 pm on Friday and all day Saturday you can park there for FREE.  There is a tunnel that you can take to the Union.  There are many floors so find the elevator.

March Newsletter

The March Kansas-Paraguay Partners newsletter is in the mail and available here. Just click on the newsletter tab at the top of this page.  It is full of great stuff.  Take a look.

Annual Meeting

Join us at the Kansas-Paraguay Annual Meeting.  It will be held in the Mallot room of the University of Kansas Student Union on Saturday March 9.  Coffee at 8 am.  The theme is the developing democracy in Paraguay.  Registration and lunch costs $25.  It promises to be an excellent meeting.

There is a quarterly board meeting the evening before.  Join us for that as well.  It will start with a small meal at 6 pm in the English Room of the Kansas Union

Family Practice Medical Exchange

Paraguay-Kansas Family Medicine Partnership

This years Kansas-Paraguay annual meeting celebrated the more than 25 years of the family practice exchange between Paraguay and Kansas.  This long-standing program of the University of Kansas School of Medicine @ Wichita (KUSM-Wichita) and the Paraguay Academy of Family Physicians is one of the best-kept secrets in Kansas.   It shouldn’t be.

The results of this program are amazing and include:

  • 27 medical students from Kansas have participated in an international elective in Paraguay
  • Increased family practice residency programs in Paraguay from 1 to 7
  • Increased Paraguayan family practice residents from 15 to 120 per year.
  • Postgraduate training to practicing physicians in rural Paraguay
  • Assisted financially in renovating a family medicine facility at the university medical complex in Asuncion.
  • Purchased high speed computer for the Family Medicine Center in Asuncion to access online literature
  • Provided  curriculum and precepting models for predoctoral family medicine community experiences in Paraguay.

This is an impressive list of accomplishments and a lot of “bang for the buck.”  The success of this program is directly attributable to the volunteers at KUSM-Wichita and Kansas City, the dedication of KPP member Merrill Raber and  Partners of the Americas.



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