Kansas Paraguay Partners Helps Paraguayan Flood Victims

Paraguay had a devastating flood that by some accounts displaced more than 300,000 people. While Paraguay experiences floods almost every year this was one of the worst in history.  KPP member Ceci Martinez initiated a fund raising effort among Kansas-Paraguay supporters that resulted in raising substantial funds.  Here is her report with some photos.

These are the results of our Bañado Sur campaign:

* We got two fifty-pound suitcases full of winter clothes. One went to Bañado Sur and the other to Bañado Tacumbú.

* A first total cash donation of $850.00 used to buy 82 blankets

* A second total cash donation of $330.00 that will be used to buy nonperishable food.

Thank you so very much to all of those who supported this effort especially toKansas Paraguay Partners for receiving the money donations.

As you see in the pictures, there is still a long way to go. Please, please, please support other efforts to help people who are still unable to go back to their homes.

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Hospital de Clinicas Documentary

Paraguayan artist Teresita Gonzalez has made a 5 minute documentary video about Hospital de Clinicas. In existence for 117 years it is the primary charity hospital in Asuncion and always packed with people in need of health services.  Teresita’s black and white photographs tell the story.  There is an interview near the beginning which if you don’t speak Spanish might seem a bit long but it is worth watching to the end.


Kansas-Paraguay Family Practice Medical Exchange

Dr. Goering from Newton Kansas just received the Kansas Association of Family Practitioners’ Kansas Exemplary Teaching Award. Click on the link at the bottom to read about it.

Dr Goering has also participated in the Kansas-Paraguay Partners Family Practice Medical Exchange. The Exchange is a collaboration between the National University Medical School in Asuncion, the University of Kansas School of Medicine at Wichita and Partners of the Americas. Not familiar with the exchange? Here is what Merrill and Boots Raber’s 40 Year History of the Kansas-Paraguay Partners says about it.

In 1999 Rick Kellerman, M.D., went to Paraguay to support the new Family Medicine residency program that Dr. Wes Schmidt was establishing. Since that time, numerous physicians on the faculty of the respective medical schools have made the exchange. Physicians from Paraguay have found an opportunity to learn concepts and best practices of Family Medicine. Physicians from Kansas have learned international medicine and built relationships with colleagues in Paraguay…. More than 100 Family Medicine physicians are now trained and working in Paraguay. (page 39)


Nan Porter hosts Dr. Feltes

Long time Kansas Paraguay member Nan Porter hosted a dinner for Dr. Feltes (left in photo) and several KPP members.  Dr. Feltes is the most recent Paraguayan doctor visiting through the University of Kansas School of Medicine @ Wichita Family Practice exchange with support of Partners of the Americas and KPP.  Boots and Merrill Raber are in the center of the photo.  Merrill is the chair of the Health Committee and the KPP champion of the medical exchange.


Dr Feltes visits University of Kansas School of Medicine @ Wichita

Dr. Fletes is the latest visiting physician from Paraguay to participate in the Kansas Paraguay Partners (KPP) Family Practice Health Exchange.

Since 1986 the School of Medicine of the University of Kansas @ Wichita has partnered with KPP to engage in an exchange of family practice physicians between Kansas and Paraguay.

The School of Medicine reports that as a result:

  1. Family medicine residency programs increased from 1 to 7 in Paraguay.
  2. The number of family medicine residents increased from 15 to 120 per year in Paraguay
  3. An international elective in Paraguay was established for KUSM students.
  4. The program received the Award for Excellence from Partners of the Americas in 2002.

If you happen to be in the Wichita area tomorrow November 6, Dr. Feltes will is presenting a talk at noon in the Sunflower Room at the Medical School.  The flyer says that lunch is provided.  Dr. Feltes’s talk is Dengue Fever and the Paraguayan Health System.  RSVP to Debbie Bennett: dbennett@kumc.edu


Kansas Medical Students in Paraguay

Here is a nice article via our southern partners (CPK) about the program that has University of Kansas School of Medicine send students to Paraguay to do short rotations.


Family Practice Medical Exchange

Paraguay-Kansas Family Medicine Partnership

This years Kansas-Paraguay annual meeting celebrated the more than 25 years of the family practice exchange between Paraguay and Kansas.  This long-standing program of the University of Kansas School of Medicine @ Wichita (KUSM-Wichita) and the Paraguay Academy of Family Physicians is one of the best-kept secrets in Kansas.   It shouldn’t be.

The results of this program are amazing and include:

  • 27 medical students from Kansas have participated in an international elective in Paraguay
  • Increased family practice residency programs in Paraguay from 1 to 7
  • Increased Paraguayan family practice residents from 15 to 120 per year.
  • Postgraduate training to practicing physicians in rural Paraguay
  • Assisted financially in renovating a family medicine facility at the university medical complex in Asuncion.
  • Purchased high speed computer for the Family Medicine Center in Asuncion to access online literature
  • Provided  curriculum and precepting models for predoctoral family medicine community experiences in Paraguay.

This is an impressive list of accomplishments and a lot of “bang for the buck.”  The success of this program is directly attributable to the volunteers at KUSM-Wichita and Kansas City, the dedication of KPP member Merrill Raber and  Partners of the Americas.


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