Economic Progress in Paraguay

Paraguay has a long history of economic activity attributed to corruption and contraband.  Ciudad Del Este is a well known center of such activity.  Now we finally have some good news about progress in this amazing city.  If you have ever been there, you know what I mean.  Ciudad del Este has it all.


Paraguayan Stevia

Paraguay is making news again with Stevia the sweet plant that goes so well with Terere. Now Japan is buying the entire crop. I I bet that there will still be plenty of plants around the patio to satisfy the locals. 

IMF Says Paraguayan Economy to grow 8.5%

Check out this prediction from the International Monetary Fund that the Paraguayan Economy to grow 8.5%

Manduvira Co-op: Organic and Fair-trade Sugar

Check out this positive article about the Manduvira Co-op in Paraguay that produces organic and fair-trade sugar and sells it in many countries.

KPP Members Receive Awards!

Awards for Excellence in International Education were presented to members of Phi Beta Delta Honor Society at its annual dinner in Kansas University’s Snow Hall. From left are Chuck Seibel, staff award; Melissa Birch, faculty award; Mary Miller, honorary member; Diana Carlin, local chapter president; and Aslihan Demirkaya, international student award. Machada Smith received the outstanding domestic student award in absentia. Tugce Kurtis took the picture, and Malika Lyon submitted it.

Fernando Masi–Guest Speaker @ Annual Meeting

Fernando Masi

Thanks to Melissa Birch and the University of Kansas for bringing Paraguayan Economist Fernando Masi to Kansas.

You can view Sr. Masi’s presentation here:

Mr. Masi obtained a Masters Degree in Foreign Affairs from SAIS- The Johns Hopkins University (Washington D.C.) with emphasis in International Economics, Latin American Studies and North American Foreign Policy. He complemented his M.A. with post graduate studies in Applied Economics from American University (Washington D.C.). He has B.A. in Sociology from Universidad Católica de Asunción.

In the last ten years, he has specialized in international trade and integration, developed more than ten research projects on regional integration in South America, the participation of Paraguay in Mercosur, competitiveness of industrial sectors in Mercosur, special and differential treatment in the different international integration agreements and the case of small economies in FTAA and Mercosur. Also Mr. Masi has been professor at the Universidad Católica in Asunción in courses on economic development and integration and workshops for the private sector on issues related to integration.

His research work and consulting matters related to international trade have been supported by multilateral organizations and bilateral agencies; and by European and Canadian foundations. His work is oriented to FTAA matters; its repercussion in Mercosur and other schemes in the integration in Latin America, as well as in small economies participating in FTAA.

Academic Background
· Master in Foreign Affairs (Economics and International Policy). SAIS – Johns Hopkins University, 1981

· B.A. in Sociology. Universidad Católica de Asunción. 1977

Areas of Expertise

· International Trade

· Integration

· Foreign Direct Investment

Present Position (s)

· Director, CADEP (Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya)

Previous Position (s)

· Member and researcher at CADEP

· Visiting Researcher – North-South Center, University of Miami

· Consultant for Integration Issues at the Inter-American Development Bank

· Consultant for United Nations Development Program

Other Activities and Memberships

· Member of Latin American Trade Network (LATN)

· Member of Red Mercosur

Recent Publications

  • “Las Economías Pequeñas en el Mercosur: Evolución y Perspectivas de Desarrollo” (co-autor). In: D. Chudnovsky y J. Fanelli (coord.). El desafío de integrarse para crecer. Balance y Perspectivas del Mercosur en su primera década. Siglo XXI Editors-Red Mercosur – BID. Madrid, 2001.

  • “Preferential Treatment in Trade: Is there any Room left in the Americas?”. North-South Center Agenda Paper, No. 49. August 2001.The University of Miami.

  • “El Caso paraguayo” En: D. Chudnovsky (coord.) El boom de inversion extranjera directa en el Mercosur. Siglo XXI-Red Mercosur. Madrid – Bs. Aires, 2001.

  • “El ALCA enfrenta un viejo desafío: acomodar las asimetrías”. North-South Center Policy Report. Report presented at the Sexto Foro Empresarial de las Américas (Bs. Aires). April, 2001.

  • Evaluación del Rol de las Regiones Fronterizas en el Proceso de Desarrollo Económico del Paraguay. Tres Estudios de Casos (co-author). Banco Central del Paraguay. Departamento de Economía Internacional. Asunción, 2000.

  • “Hacia una Política de Competitividad en el Paraguay”. In: D. Borda y F. Masi (eds.) Los Retos de la Competitividad. CADEP. Asunción, May 2000.

  • “Paraguay y el Mercosur”. En: Informe Mercosur. Enero-Junio 1998. BID-INTAL. Buenos Aires, September 1998.

  • “Repercusiones del Mercosur sobre la economía paraguaya” (coauthor). En: D. Borda y F. Masi (eds.): Estabilización y Ajuste de las Economías del Mercosur. CADEP. Asunción, 1998.

  • “Paraguay en el Mercosur: Posibilidades de un Mercado Ampliado”. Propuestas Democráticas, Año II, Vol. II, No. 7. . Asunción, July-September 1995

  • “Gestión Pública e Integración en el Paraguay”. Cuadernos de Discusión. Centro de Análisis y Difusión de Economía Paraguaya. Asunción, April, 1995.

  • “Relaciones Comerciales Estados Unidos-Mercosur: La Agenda Minilateral. El Caso de Paraguay” Serie de Documentos e Informes de Investigación. Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales FLACSO. Buenos Aires Program. Argentina, July 1994.

  • Paraguay en el Mercosur. Empresarios ante la Integración (coauthor). Instituto Paraguayo Para la Integración de América Latina. Asunción, December, 1991.

  • El Paraguay y la Integración Regional. Primeros Enfoques (coauthor). Instituto Para la Integración de América Latina. Asunción, November, 1990.

Current Research Projects

  • “Visión Microeconómica de los Impactos de la Integración Regional en las Inversiones Inter e Intrarregionales.” BID-INTAL

  • “Relaciones Mercosur-ALCA y políticas de ampliación.” Tinker Foundation – Red Mercosur.

Recommended Links

· Inter-American Developent Bank

· Inter-American Developent Bank–INTAL con enlaces a acuerdos de integración latinoamericanos

· O.A.S.



· World Trade Organization

Areas of Interest

Economics and State Reform
Poverty and Inequality

Download: Flyer and Registration Form

Washburn KSBDC Hosts POA Business Fellow

Fernando Torres Rubiani joined the Washburn University
Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC)
staff as an American Business Fellow in mid-July, and
staying through September. Fernando, an
attorney from Paraguay who has worked in small
to multinational companies, is working with
Washburn KSBDC clients and staff to gain new
insights to develop and manage businesses.
The Business Fellows Program is promoted by
Partners of the Americas with funds from the
Department of State. The program fosters greater
understanding of issues related to international
business and economic growth and aims to forge
and strengthen long-term institutional linkages
between the private sectors of the U.S. and
Latin America through the exchange of technical
resources and expertise.
In Paraguay, Fernando works for a real estate agency
that handles commercial and residential property sale
and management. In his current role, he is responsible
for developing new business areas aimed at generating
employment and funding resources. He is also in the process of
restructuring his company to make it compatible in
new business areas, as well as bringing innovation
into the company’s philosophy and culture.
“My objective for this fellowship is to acquire a
clear vision of effective business practices, and
most importantly, proven techniques to generate
income, recruit and train staff, and develop
expansion opportunities,” says Fernando. The
young entrepreneur says he was interested in
a fellowship at a business development center
because of the opportunities to learn business plan
development, product strategy, market analysis
and sales techniques.
Fernando says he is impressed with the diversity of businesses
assisted by the Washburn KSBDC and the staff’s genuine
interest in empowering the business owners.

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