Paraguayan Stevia

Paraguay is making news again with Stevia the sweet plant that goes so well with Terere. Now Japan is buying the entire crop. I I bet that there will still be plenty of plants around the patio to satisfy the locals. 


Stevia, Paraguay and Peace Corps

This is one of those why didn’t I think of that.  It is the story of James May who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay when he was introduced to Stevia.  That natural sweetener used in Terere and Cocido.  Take a look.

New Plant Found In Paraguayan Chaco

Check out this new plant species of the moonseed plant. Whatever that is. Anyone know?  The biodiversity of Paraguay is amazing.

Hitch-Hike Across Paraguay

Take a look at the short article about Michael Turner’s 600 miles trip across Paraguay.  He is a Brit and there is an interesting history between England and Paraguay.  If I recall, the first railroad in South America was constructed in Paraguay with British engineers.  Michael is an adventurer not an engineer.  Maybe he would like to hitch-hike across Kansas.  Michael – I have an extra bedroom for you when you make your trek across Kansas.


10 Exotic Places to Visit in Paraguay

Check out these lovely places to visit in Paraguay. They may not fit your image of Paraguay.


Solar Water Pumping in the Chaco

Anyone who has been to Filadelfia in the Chaco knows how they work to have a thriving community in a very dry climate.  Some of their rain harvesting techniques are amazing.

Here is a good article about using solar energy to pump water from deep under the ground for their cattle.  Exporting of beef is very important to this community as is milk production.


Zoo Project

Sunset Zoo Presents Lecture Series 2013

Join us inside the Zoo’s Nature Exploration Center for this free & educational lecture series!



Marina Petrovic, Paraguayan Partner & Friend

Sunday, January 20, 3:00 PM • Zoo’s Nature Exploration Center*

Join us to learn about Sunset Zoo’s 20-year-partnership with Sunset & Paraguay’s Asuncion Zoo from one of the original project partners beginning in 1992 and a friend of many Kansans through the Kansas Paraguay Partners of the Americas: Marina Petrovic.  Marina, was the partner of Sunset Zoo and THE major liaison for the city of Asunción in the most active period of  renovation and redevelopment of the zoo from 2008-2011.  Marina also served as the Vice President of the Paraguay-Kansas Committee, was highly involved in the Botanical & Zoological Foundation of Asunción, President of the Asunción Rotary Club & is currently one of four Rotary District Governors in Argentina, Paraguay,   She has an extremely extensive background in business matters and is President of the Fundación Ricardo Boettner.

Sunset Zoo is located at 2333 Oak St in Manhattan, KS. Check our website for   more information or directions

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