Paraguayans Sign to Play Soccer at Fort Hays State University

I knew that it was only a matter of time.  Fort Hays State University just announced that Paraguayans Silvana Romero and Veronica Kurtz have signed to play soccer. I challenge other soccer coaches in Kansas to go to Paraguay and check out the talent.


Jorge Gattini

Here are a couple of nice photos from our southern partners (CPK) that feature Jorge Gattini.  Jorge recently presented a special program for CPK.

Jorge received a masters degree from Kansas State University and is now the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for the new Paraguayan president.

Just another example of hundreds of Paraguayans who studied in Kansas and returned to Paraguay.

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How Volunteer Organizations Get the Work Done: Some Examples from KPP


Kansas-Paraguay Partners is an all volunteer organization.  That means that what gets accomplished happens because someone steps up and helps make it happen.  The above picture is a short history of some significant KPP people and projects.  From right to left (I know that is backwards).

Alberto Granada who is visiting Kansas is a long time active member, officer and volunteer for Comite Paraguay Kansas.  For many years Alberto was the go to person for Paraguayans wanting to study in Kansas.  Many Paraguayans who have studied in Kansas credit Alberto for helping make it happen. Alberto was always there to host those from Kansas who traveled to Paraguay.  He opened his house, his heart and his calendar to make it possible for visitors to accomplish their goals He was also a main person behind the KPP-CPK tours to Paraguay and other countries in South America.   That is just the tip of the iceberg of Alberto’s involvement  with CPK.

Edith Black was the go to person for Paraguayan students studying at the University of Kansas for many years.  She kept track of student on the ‘list’, helped many move into their dorms and hosted meriendas to get to meet students and have them meet each other.

John Poertner was able to spend a year in Paraguay by combining a sabbatical from the University of Kansas with a special volunteer experience through the Peace Corps.  He is also the past president of KPP.

Charlie Stansifer was the originator of the agreement to allow Paraguayan students to study at Kansas Regents universities for in-state tuition.  Through this program hundreds of Paraguayans have studied in Kansas and returned home to make a significant impact on Paraguay.  Charlie also started the KPP-CPK Scholarship Fund that provides a scholarship each year to a Paraguayan to study in Kansas and a Kansan to study in Paraguay.

Mary Miller was an active member of the League of Women Voters when she teamed up with KPP member Nan Wilson to work with Women for Democracy.  This was a Paraguayan organization that promoted democracy when Paraguay was just beginning to develop democratic institutions.

This is a short and inadequate part of KPP history.  Shortly a much more detailed history will be available. Stay tuned.

Environmentalist wins Award for Work in Paraguay

Karina Atkinson started Para La Tierra as an environmental organization in Paraguay.  Now she has won the 2012 Young Laureates of the Rolex Award for Enterprise.  Para La Tierra would be an awesome place for a Kansan to engage in a service learning study abroad volunteer assignment and apply for the Kansas Paraguay Study Abroad Scholarship.  Here is the link to the organizations website.

Scholarship for Studying in Paraguay

This is just a reminder that Kansas Paraguay Partners offers a $1,200 scholarship for Kansas students to study in Paraguay.  The description and application are on the Scholarship page.  Just click the tab above.  Since there is no formal study abroad program in Paraguay you will need to chart your own course but there is lots of help available from Kansas Paraguay Partners.  Just get in touch with me – John Poertner

Interesting Project with CPK and CIRD

Call for US experts in the areas of public policies, political communication and political parties

The CIRD Foundation, in alliance with the Paraguay Kansas Committee (CPK), calls university academia (professors or specialists) in the areas of:

-Public policies

-Political communication

-Political communication and new media

-Political marketing

-Political parties and elections management

to offer conferences on the above mentioned subjects in Asunción, Paraguay.

Activities should be held in Spanish to address target audiences formed by political parties’ representatives.

The project

The call to recruit university professors is performed within the framework of the Public Policy and Presidential Elections Project, conducted by the CIRD Foundation, with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Paraguay).

The Project aims to improve the quality of Paraguay’s democratic system through the use of an effective strategy to strengthen the organizational capacities of the political parties through the institutionalization of mechanisms of political dialogue within them. 


Paraguay recently experienced a serious political and institutional crisis with former President Fernando Lugo’s ouster as a result of an impeachment proceeding from Paraguay’s Congress. A new government of another political party has been installed 10 months from the next presidential elections.

According to the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, Paraguay has undergone a profound political-institutional crisis, a severe confrontation between the executive and the legislature. This break in the democratic and representative institutions raises the need to strengthen political parties as key actors in the political process and in the political system in Paraguay. The role of these political actors becomes more important as the country is approaching the presidential elections to be held on April 21, 2013.

According to OAS General Secretary there is a strong need to strengthen governance in Paraguay in the transition to the 2013 elections, promoting political dialogue and supporting legal reforms that could help avoid future crises.

Requirements for proposals submissions: 

– Curriculum vitae

Deadline for proposals submissions: August 20, 2012

*The organization can only cover airfare, travel costs and lodging 

For further information please contact: 

Centro de Información y Recursos para el Desarrollo (CIRD)


Tel. (595 21) 214 671

Asunción, Paraguay


Paraguayan Students Participate in Model OAS

Paraguayan Students participate in Model Organization of American States

Lucas Strubing Cartes, Gabriel Racca and Luis Molinas Paraguayan students at the University of Kansas (KU) participated in the 2012 Model Organization of American States (OAS) conference as part of the 10 member team.  The KU delegation was fortunate to be able to represent Paraguay.

More than 370 students from 34 universities represented diplomats from OAS member states.  They followed parliamentary procedures to debate and approve resolutions dealing with current issues on the Inter-American agenda.  The model was held in the Hall of the Americas at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC.

Lucas Strubing Cartes said ; “The experience has reaffirmed that I do want to work for the government, that I would like to be a diplomat.”

Taken from the Spring 2012 Kansas Latin Americanist.




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