One scholarship of $1500 is available each academic year.  The Special Merit Scholarship is available to students enrolled at any Kansas college or University that offers Paraguayan students instate tuition.  Currently this includes all of the Regents institutions and Johnson County Community College. The scholarship may be used for study in a Paraguayan university, research center or for an internship experience in Paraguay.  Application deadline: Annually on March 1. The field of study is unrestricted.  Preference will be given to students in their second or third year of university study. A student may only receive the scholarship one time.

There are many wonderful opportunities to study in Paraguay.  The people of Paraguay are wonderfully warm and welcoming.  Anyone spending time there will be rewarded with wonderful long-term friends.  Kansas-Paraguay Partners (KPP) can help you explore some possibilities. Contact John Poertner ( for more information. Here are a couple of ideas.

  1. It is possible to study at either the Catholic University or the National University under an agreement between these universities and the universities in Kansas.  A couple of KPP scholarship recipients have done this. The staff at our counterpart organization (Comité Paraguay Kansas) will help make this possible.  For more information and the latest contacts check out their website at
  2. Independent study.  Most colleges and universities have provisions for independent study under the supervision of a faculty member.  At least 3 KPP scholarship recipients have done this. Talk to a few of your favorite faculty about this possibility.  Applying this to study abroad in Paraguay can be through a small research project with a cooperating agency or a volunteer experience with an agency in Paraguay.  Below are links to a few agencies that host volunteers.  This is not an exhaustive list just a few that we know about.

The Moises Bertoni Foundation offers you an opportunity to be part of its international internship program and adquire hands-on experience in sustainable development in Paraguay. The work we do seeks to add social, economic and environmental value in the territories where we work, as well as to integrate the private and public sectors in active collaboration with local communities. Through much work and innovation, the Foundation looks forward to making the most efficient use of its resources in order to achieve financial self-sustainability.  Here is the link:

Fundacion Paraguaya is an organization with many programs and many volunteer opportunities.  Several recipients of the KPP scholarship have studied micro-credit lending with this internationally recognized agency.  Here is the link

Para la Tierra is an environmental organization available as a volunteer learning experience as a short-term study abroad in Paraguay.  Here is the link:

New Horizons Methodist School is another great place to volunteer in an educational setting.  Here is the link:

Here are a few additional scholarships that are available for Kansas students who are interested in studying in Paraguay.

The Dennis R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Dennis Shaw was a valued member of the Partners of the Americas team in
Washington DC starting in 1996. His lifelong passion for education and cultural
exchanges and for the Youth Ambassadors program, which he coordinated for
Brazil from 2003-2007, were contagious to all that met him. Prior to working for
Partners, Dennis served with the US Department of State in several countriesbut
it was his love of Brazil that brought him to Partners of the Americas after he
retired. In addition to his involvement at Partners headquarters, Dennis was also
an active member of Partners’ chapters in Maryland, Washington DC, and
The Shaw Memorial Scholarship will assist young people of limited fi nancial
means who 1.) Have traveled on a Partners of the Americas administered grant
or program or 2.) Are members of a Partners of the Americas chapter.
Download the application here Dennis R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship Description

The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad.
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Such international study is intended to better prepare U.S. students to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world.
To learn more about this scholarship download the information here  Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship

Previous Kansas-Paraguay: Paraguay-Kansas Scholarship Recipients

Kansas                                                Paraguay

Amanda Heter (2007)                     Lorenzo Veloso (2007)

Matt Hoge (2008)                             Jasmine Ramirez (2008)

Scott Barkemeyer (2010)                 Cesar Caballero (2008)

Sarah Stern (2011)                             Gloria Britez (2009)

Tirzah Richards (2013)                     Alheli Aranda (2010)

Tyler Shelby (2014)                            Alejandra Maria Valdez Delgadillo (2014)

Diana Restrepo-Osorio (2015)            Luis Torres (2015)

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