Fort Hays Soccer Coaches Assist Paraguayan Youth

Here is an article from the Fort Hays State University’s newspaper.  Both the men’s and women’s soccer coaches visited Paraguay saw a need for better equipment, like shoes, and have responded.

Paraguayans Sign to Play Soccer at Fort Hays State University

I knew that it was only a matter of time.  Fort Hays State University just announced that Paraguayans Silvana Romero and Veronica Kurtz have signed to play soccer. I challenge other soccer coaches in Kansas to go to Paraguay and check out the talent.


Guggiari Sculpture in Hays, Kansas

Guggiari SculptureThe Guggiari sculpture/monument at Hays was recently moved so that it is easily seen from Interstate 70! The piece, entitle “Homage to Kansas” was constructed in 1980 by Hermann Guggiari to commemorate the many achievements of KPP. The sculptor was inspired to create the piece during his time as an artist-in-residence at Fort Hays State University. Guggiari says that his piece represents the Kansas earth and prairie reaching toward the sky, and symbolizes the strength and idealism of the state of Kansas in its friendship with the Republic of Paraguay. Guggiari, who is still living in Asunción, was visited in September 2007 by participants in the KPP/POA-sponsored tour of South America.

Photo by Mary Ann Thompson
Hays Public Library


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