2009 Youth Ambassadors Arrive in Wichita!

2009 Youth Ambassadors Arriving in Wichita

Pictured here are this year’s Paraguayan Youth Ambassadors at the Wichita airport where they arrived yesterday to begin their stay in Kansas. Five students will be going to Newton High School and five will be going to Riley County High School. They are also accompanied by two adult sponsors, Cristina Escriba and Graciela Ocampos from Asunción.

Read more about the students:

Lesly is 18 years old. She recently graduated from high
school and would like to study medicine. She attended
Santa Teresita High School in her hometown, Luque. She
studies English at the bi-national center, the Paraguayan-
American Cultural Center (CCPA). She can dance to typical
Paraguayan music with three bottles on her head and also
with a pitcher (or “cantaro” in Spanish). She was President
of her class and also captain of her handball team. Since
2007, Les has been a dance instructor who teaches typical
Paraguayan dance and ballet to children with special

Romina is a 17 year-old student from Asunción. This year,
she will graduate from Tecnico Javier Technical School
where she has been class president for two consecutive
years. Romina is an actress who loves theatre and poetry.
She can recite lines from plays in both official languages of
Paraguay, Spanish and in Guarani. She has been studying
English for 4 years at the CCPA. She worked with the
organization “Saka” (meaning transparent in Guarani) by
observing and monitoring voting stations during the 2008
Paraguayan presidential election.

Camila is 17 years old and lives in Lambare, a city near the
capital of Paraguay. She attends Johannes Gutenberg High
School, a polytechnic school, where she is in her third year
of high school and has been elected class president
several times. Since 2006, Camila has been studying
English at the CCPA. She loves cooking and can prepare
typical Paraguayan food for an afternoon cookout, like
“sopa paraguaya” and “chipa guasu.” Camila aspires to
become an English teacher.

Rebeca is a 17 year-old student from Asuncion. She is in
her second year at Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera School. Her
school’s emphasis in health sciences has motivated her to
study medicine. Rebecca was elected president of her
student council. Since 2006, she has been studying
English at the CCPA with an Embassy scholarship. As part
of her community service work, she takes part in a project
called Organic Orchard in which she helps orphans at the
Our Lady of Asuncion Center improve their eating habits.

Alma Camila lives in a village called Conavi in the city of
Ypane, near Asuncion. She attends Dr. Eligio Ayala
School in Fernando de la Mora city and is in her second
year of high school. She will graduate with an emphasis in
health sciences. Alma is 16 years old and has been
studying English for two years at the CCPA with an
Embassy scholarship. She has participated in a community
project that monitors health conditions to assist the central
government in their quest for sanitary solutions. She enjoys
singing in Spanish and Guarani.

Fatima is a 16 year-old young musician from Asuncion. She
attends Virgen de Nazareth School. She studies music at
the National Conservatory of Music and is a member of the
Orchestra. Fatima plays the violin and piano and loves to
sing and dance to traditional music. Fatima also teaches
English to her classmates and has been studying English at
the Ministry of Defense’s Institute of Languages. She was
elected President of her class for three consecutive years
and is a member of her church choir. With her choir, she
got the opportunity to visit Brazil and Australia and meet the

David is an 18 year-old student from Hernandarias, a city
located in the Alto Paraná Department. He finished high
school at Dr. José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia Technical
School and is studying to become an engineer. He has
been studying English for 3 years at the English Language
Center. David is a member of Alto Parana’s basketball
team where he participated in two national tournaments. He
was vice president of the student council last year and
class president for several years.

Hansell is 17 years old and hails from Asuncion, where he
finished high school at Cerro Cora Technical School.
Hansell is now studying to be a computer science engineer.
He has been studying English at the CCPA for three years.
His social work includes a project called “Color of Hope” in
which he was the coordinator of the Music Club. Hansell
taught children, from very low income families, how to keep
busy through recreational activities during their free time,
by splitting the group of kids in clubs of music, paint, dance
and theatre. The project won third place in a competition
called Gabriela Prize.

Ronald is a 15 year-old student. He was born in
Encarnacion, a city in the Itapua Department, but has lived
in Asuncion since the age of six. He is in his second year at
American High School, a bilingual institution. Ronald is a
young and talented musician who sings in the school choir
and plays the guitar very well. He has also composed his
own songs and made a music video. He is an actor and
loves theatre. Ronald has participated in many cultural
festivals, notably with some recognized Paraguayan
personalities, and competed in many cultural contests at


Gabriele is 16 years old and was born in Naranjal, a city in
the Itapua Department. Presently, she lives in the town of
Hohenau, where she attends Concordia High School and
expects to graduate this year and pursue the study of
medicine. She has been studying English at the CCPA
since last year. Gabriele plays the keyboard, sings and
plays the violin at the Symphonic Orchestra of Itapúa. As
part of her community service activities at church, she
teaches music and participates in the Communitarian
Orchard project. She was elected class president for two
consecutives years.


Youth Ambassadors are Making News

The Youth Ambassadors would like to announce the launch of their new blog site on the World Wide Web – Change Reaction: Stories of Youth-led Change in the Americas! These young people have some outstanding stories to tell about positive change in their communities and how they’re utilizing their new skills and resources to impact the world around them.

We also welcome host brothers and sisters and other YA volunteers to share personal accounts of the Youth Ambassador effect in their lives! If you’d like your story to be considered for publication, send it to us at eauciello@partners.net.

Spread the word and join them in causing a “Change Reaction”  —

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